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2n offers cutting-edge tour-ready video solutions for productions of every scale and resolution. From concept design and show previsualization all the way through content production and show execution, 2n’s custom software and media servers can be made ready for any situation, with an emphasis on high-resolution realtime graphics programming, custom video and camera FX, realtime 3D content, audio-reactive design, and sensor-driven interactivity.



2n’s custom media servers are fully compatible with: iMag or camera feeds, infrared or lidar sensors, RealSense & Kinect sensors, Automation, Notch, VIOSO, BlackTrax, Unity, Unreal Engine, NDI, camera vision and neural network toolkits like DeepPose, OSC, MIDI & more.



Brand New, Madison Square Garden 2016

Held November 23rd-25th in Auckland's Tapapakanga Regional Park Childish Gambino's second successful PHAROS immersive experience in New Zealand, was the convergence of live entertainment, technology and culture. Gambino and his team at Wolf & Rothstein partnered with adidas Originals, The North Face, Unreal Engine, Weta Digital and 2n Design to deliver a once in a lifetime experience for all in attendance.

music video for “Paint Me Silver” by Pond