2n Design

River Road

 River Road is an episodic, narrative-driven VR puzzle game for Oculus, and marks 2n’s first major foray into original game design.

Story —

Tess Bester’s father, Stan, left her and her mother ten years ago. She thought he was gone for good until Three Oaks Credit Union in Salt Springs, Florida leaves her a voicemail. Stan’s account is in arrears and he’s vanished without a trace.

Now, Tess must investigate Stan’s dilapidated and overgrown Florida riverfront homestead/lab to solve the mystery of his disappearance, aided only by her wits and a deceitful AI multitool with a penchant for sick burns. Where did all of these giant machines littering the property come from? What’s the deal with those shimmering, fluorescent plants? Why is Stan’s shed filled with mannequins that are almost human, except for the cartridge slot in the back of their heads? To solve these mysteries, Tess will have to solve logic and physics puzzles as well as beat in-game arcade games to follow her dad down the proverbial inter-dimensional portal rabbit hole.

River Road combines beautifully-rendered art, narrative depth, and boundary-pushing interactivity to bring players an experience unlike any other available in VR gaming.