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2n is changing the way users interact with the world by redefining immersive experiences. Based in New York City, 2n consists of the most forward-thinking innovators in immersive and experiential design.

Our agile, multidisciplinary team combines stunning art direction and content creation with innovative in-house engineering workflows and state-of-the-art software design to enhance and reshape physical space. With projects ranging from multimedia buildings and amphitheaters to live visuals and touring systems for large-scale productions to direct client-to-user engagement, 2n finds custom, site-specific solutions that expand the possibilities of technology, art, and the built environment.

We offer sophisticated tools and original content to a diversity of industries including media and creative, architecture, and gaming. Our clients include some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world today. They include star architects and designers, Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned artists, filmmakers and television studios, marketing firms, game developers, and internationally-recognized musicians and performers.

2n creates immersive environments at any scale, from VR pre-visualizations of corporate headquarters to a real-time playable virtual world inside the world’s largest inflatable dome. All of our designs radically expand the user’s sensorium by putting them inside interactive, immersive storytelling environments.


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