2n Design

MGMT, Tour Visuals

MGMT’s sonic explorations take them—and their audience—into uncharted auditory territory. So when we created the visuals for their 2018 Little Dark Age world tour, we knew we had to match their boundary-pushing music. So we built a fully-immersive, interactive environment that redefined the kinetic and visual possibilities of the concert experience. With real-time 2D motion graphics, 3D generative content, and IMAG camera effects, the Little Dark Age show deconstructed the barrier between performer and audience and ushered the crowd into a multi-sensory world based on MGMT’s music.

First, we built seven dynamic, virtual environments using a custom design suite of Unreal and Unity. MGMT and their audience travelled through hallucinatory vaporwave dreamscapes, haunted houses, and Kubrickian monoliths, all controlled in real-time OSC with a TouchDesigner master media server.

Then, we brought the crowd into the spectacle using integrated OpenPose neural networks that skeletal-tracked MGMT and audience members with live PTZ cameras. The audience saw themselves digitally-rendered in real-time and incorporated into the concert visuals. And our custom media server allowed VJs to operate the system with ease, and ensured that no two concerts were the same.

From MGMT’s mind-bending music to 2n’s full-body, reactive visuals, the audience didn’t just go to a concert: they entered into a new world.