2n Design

Jeff Koons

From his Inflatables series to Balloon Dog and beyond, Jeff Koons’ art stands at the forefront of audience-centered aesthetic experiences that utilize cutting-edge fabrication and engineering technology. Hosted by online VR artwork gallery Acute Art, Koons’ Phryne lets users view and interact with a virtual sculpture of a metallic ballerina. Koons brought an innovative eye to Phryne, and 2n brought its advanced VR rendering skills to the project. We optimized the VR elements, including the statue’s metallic surface in which the user can see their own image. Our model also included controllable season settings to allow the user to experience the art in different weather and environments. Our work allowed Koons to realize his aesthetic vision of Phryne: “Stimulating different sense perceptions within virtual reality.” And Koons’ work helped 2n to once again expand the limits of VR technology and art.